Wine Industry Analysis

Netrivals performs analysis of the wine sector by tracking prices,
stock and promotions on millions of products from ecommerce catalogs.

Global vision of the wine industry

The wine sector has a wide variety of producers, with over 230,000 in France alone. Moreover, the market is highly segmented in European countries: the top 10 brands control 4% of the market in France, 6% in Italy or 8% in Germany, while in other countries such as the USA (37.6%), Australia (24.3%) or South Africa (24.7%) the market is less fragmented. 

Europe remains the world’s largest producer of wine, with three countries (Spain, Italy and France) producing 50% of the world’s wine production. The demand for “premium” wine has increased in detriment to low-quality wine.

Wine Brand Monitoring

The wine sector has a particular characteristic: most of its products do not have EAN. This attribute greatly conditions the study of the competition, since most online tools only connect through the available reference codes. 

Netrivals’ technology allows products to be connected through other features, such as titles, attributes and photographs. In this way you can have a complete and updated view of the market.

Seasonality of demand

Much of the annual demand takes place in the last months of the year, coinciding with the Christmas season. The strategy to be proposed is based on having well positioned goods for this season, both in price and in stock of the products that are believed to be in greatest demand.

Vintage as main as a main characteristic

Due to the nature of this type of product, that changes its characteristics depending on many variables, such as the soil, the weather and the harvest, the main category to analyze the wine products is the vintage.


Netrivals’ systems track and update the prices of +650M products from +35K shops in more than 50 countries on a daily basis to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of direct web and marketplace. Netrivals’ Big Data includes information about products that go beyond the price and reference code such as the EAN: we compile relevant information such as photographs, reviews, valuations, promotions, stock, etc. 

This data is especially valuable for retailers in this sector to obtain real and in-depth knowledge of the market situation, enabling them to set competitive prices for their products in order to improve the conversion rate and analyse competitors’ price patterns and trends.