Competitors' Website Monitoring

Know at what price your competitors are selling your products and beat them with Netrivals’ automated reports. Get a global vision of the market, check prices’ evolution and lead the game.

In many cases it is not necessary to know the prices at which all sellers sell a certain product, but we only need to know the prices of certain sellers. With Netrivals you can control both the price and the availability of any product that your competitor sells, obtaining the information directly from its website.

Price Monitoring Software: monitor the pages of your competitors

Find out the prices at which your competitor is selling the products by extracting them directly from their website. In cases like marketplaces, for example, the prices at which retailers sell their products through the platform are different from those sold on their website.

Find out what their competitors’ reactions are to your price changes from other competitors and discover their strategies with a high degree of precision.

Monitor your competitors' availability

With Netrivals you can monitor the stock of any product of your competitor through its website directly. This information is much more valuable than that of any price comparator or any marketplace since e-commerce stores always maintain a safety stock when they load inventories on third-party pages.

Knowing the price is important, but what is the point of selling a product at a reduced margin if our competitors are out of stock?

Price Index:
The best metric for market competitiveness

To know how competitive your product is in the market, beyond knowing whether or not you have the best price, you have a strategic KPI called price index. This metric will show us the degree of competitiveness of the product calculated based on the average market price and your retail price. In many cases, having the best price does not mean you have the right price. A very low price can devalue the perception of the product in question, while a very high price can cause no traffic or sales to the website.

Use your competition's data to increase your sales

Thanks to Netrivals you can see both the evolution of prices and the supply cycle of your competition. With this information you can create predictive models of forecasting income and logistics.

Product price variants

In many cases it happens that a product has different sizes, different weights, different colors and all variants have the same EAN. For example, a dog food bag may be available in a 5 or 10 kg format, a shirt may be in sizes XS to XL, or pants may be blue or black.

With our solution you can monitor all the product variants you want as if they were different products so that the information is highly relevant.

AI-powered product matching

With Netrivals you should not link the products with your competitors one by one but you have an automatic matching system. This advanced system links products automatically through our AI-powered product attribute algorithms. 

There are cases where this coincidence does not occur. For these cases our AI-powered algorithm shows you products that have the same title or a similar title, a similar image or a similar description and even detects product attribute coincidences via smart product image recognition.

Netrivals Browser Extension

From any web page you browse you can obtain a detailed analysis of prices and you can link the products with those in your catalog.

In the case of browsing a store that you did not have added among your competitors for that product, you will have the opportunity to add it with a simple click.

How it works?

Netrivals gathers product data in an automated way. Sites are scanned multiple times per day,
so that you can check real and updated product information in the online market.

Scan Data

Netrivals system scans multiples sites (direct web, Google Shopping, Marketplaces, etc.)

Collect Data

Data collected has to do with all kinds of product attributes (images, stock, etc.) that go beyond pricing.

Lever Data

Data collected is used within BI dashboards and multiple other types of analytics.

Supported E-commerce Platforms

Netrivals integration with e-commerce platforms is a seamless process. Price changes are sent speeding up your reaction capacity and helping you define a more dynamic pricing strategy.