Ratings and Reviews Analyzer

Carry out an analysis with the ratings and reviews analyzer of both negative and positive opinions and ratings to find out how they influence the demand for your product. Develop new ideas and strategies to achieve a more successful brand.

Ratings and reviews analysis

Your Marketing team and your Product Managers can benefit from the ratings and reviews analyzer offered by Netrivals. The data is captured directly from Amazon, the marketplace with the highest number of product searches and where users around the world provide opinions and ratings of millions of products.

Netrivals collects all this data for you, so that you can access it from a single platform. This type of information provides you with a clearer and more realistic vision of what the perception of the product is in the market, something that allows you to improve your strategic decisions when it comes to product management and development.

Data collection of product ratings and reviews

Our ratings and reviews analyzer has one of the best systems for capturing product data, since it is not only limited to the number of reviews and ratings given by users. Netrivals goes one step further, we collect the actual text of the product opinion so that you do not miss any type of detail. While the number of ratings and opinions allows you to know how many users have tried your product, the real text allows you to analyze their comments, suggestions and ideas and be able to make changes if your product really needs it. You will be able to see the effect of the changes through our module first-mover testimonial which updates the data every 3 hours.

This data is gold, to be able to detect the weaknesses and strengths of your product and, therefore, improve the characteristics and performance of it in the market will give you the advantage that you need to be more competitive.

Monitoring Feedback

Netrivals’ brand platform goes beyond price and stock data. Through the functionality of our ratings and reviews analyzer, you can view analytics and graphs on the performance of your products at the level of what users really think of your product and brand.

Analyze how these evaluations positively or negatively impact your product demand and develop new ideas to achieve a more effective brand strategy.

Monitoring ratings and reviews

Check how the ratings have evolved for each of the products in your catalog. If you have made changes to your strategy, you will be able to evaluate if the results have been as expected.

Use this feature to determine how the ratings and reviews affect your brand image and make the right decisions to get a more favorable perception from your customers.