Online Product Analysis and Recognition

Netrivals is made up of a team of more than 50 professionals who help hundreds of strong international players in the online market to achieve their business goals every day. The combination of our team with our image and attribute recognition technology, which allows finding product data both on the web and on comparison engines and marketplaces, makes Netrivals the perfect partner for our customers

The Netrivals Matching System or Automatch

Netrivals can find product data in the online marketplace thanks to our web scanning system and our image and attribute recognition technology. This information is extracted from multiple sources such as the web direct, Google Shopping, price comparison engines, and a large number of marketplaces, including the prominent Amazon. 

This type of information can help you acquire a better understanding of the price status in distribution channels, allowing you to detect patterns and trends, as well as analyze stock availability. You can use this useful knowledge to make better informed and more effective decisions regarding your product strategies.

Connecting products intelligently

For each product you have, we automatically generate connections where we find an identical EAN code between your product and your competitor’s. 

Similarly, while Netrivals scans the products in the distribution channels, it searches for titles, images and references in the multiple ecommerce pages, marketplaces and comparison engines to evaluate other potential connections at the level of title, image and references. In this way, our system not only offers you a large number of automatically connected products, but also suggests hundreds of potential connections between products, to optimize the time you spend looking for similarities between your catalog and the rest of the vendors. Our image and attribute recognition technology makes it easy for you to invest your time in what really matters: analyzing and making the decisions that have the greatest impact on your business.


Smilarity between titles is 90% – 100%

Simiar Title

Smilarity between titles is 60% – 90%


Potential matches based on photo similarity


Based on similar references


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