Make your e-commerce profitable with Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence solutions will help you understand the behaviour of your market thanks to competitor’s monitoring and products’ repricing by using optimization tools. In the first place, what is price intelligence? It can be defined as an analysis methodology that studies the impact of the market’s behaviour on final consumers’ purchasing decisions and, as a

Price tracking to increase sales

Price tracking tools let you obtain powerful and valuable data for your e-commerce as well as improving your competitiveness level inside your vertical. Why should I monitor online prices? Actually, despite the results of many annual reports about the continued upward trend to buy over the internet, it is not easy to own an e-commerce

Differences between Google Shopping and Amazon Ads

Advertising your products is essential to improve your revenues. Setting competitive prices to advertise your products on Google Shopping and get more conversions in your online store is the first step to the success of your business. Since ecommerces lack of shop windows they announce themselves in platforms such as Google Shopping or Amazon. From

Analyze the beauty industry and sell in different countries

The beauty industry is one of the most expanding sectors worldwide, both in brick-and-mortar and online sales, as well as one with the biggest production around the globe. If you have an e-commerce business related to this industry, it is critical to analyze the beauty sector to catch the attention of more potential consumers. Analyzing