Analysis of distribution channels and pricing strategy of your brand:

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To distribute your product, you need to deliver the right merchendise, with the quantities preestablished, to the distribution channel or retailer to whom you agreed to sell to. That said, remember that once the product is no longer in your hands, the ecommerce to which you sold it to will have complete control over it. For this reason it is important to do an analysis of distribution channels. 

Choosing your distribution channel:

             There are three different types of channels:

  • Direct sales: There is no intermediary between the company and the customer.
  • Selling through an intermediary (short circuit): The distribution of the products thus goes through an intermediate partner. This may be a retailer, for example, who will then sell to the end customer.
  • Long circuit: several intermediaries will successively bring the product to the customer.

Why use distribution analysis?

Distribution analysis provides insight into the distribution of a company and the opportunities and threats that this aspect of the external environment entails. This allows a company to adapt its strategy and therefore respond effectively to its environment.

Many platforms and software exist to do distribution analysis and among them is Netrivals, MSRP Tracking Software, which is a platform that gives a complete view of the distribution channels, helps detect inconsistencies and make more informed decisions. It also intuitively displays which vendors are above and below your catalog minimum prices.

How does it work ?

  • By implementing NetRivals, the company can easily and quickly access all the key information about the end consumer’s interaction and perception of its products through its Big Data which has a great potential in this regard as this platform gives access to a wide and comprehensive distribution analysis of opinion and rating information about the brand’s products at the end user level.
  • It also gives the possibility to access a notification system that provides a more detailed view about stock availability changes in online distribution channels.
  • The ability to activate all this information through the Netrivals BI module.
  • Netrivals BI brings all of this valuable brand information together in a single point of view, as well as increasing and optimizing the quality and quantity of data and metrics obtained through the brand’s business intelligence tool.

With Netrivals, many leaders have improved their online sales channel vision and achieved a complete view of their distribution channels.

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