Case Study​

How Productpine
increased its sales by 15%
with dynamic pricing

About Productpine

Productpine is a sustainable D2C marketplace that was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
While the marketplace sells a broad range of products, it primarily focuses on the home, living, and sleeping sectors. Additionally, Productpine has a physical store, known as the experience center, that enables brands to interact better with their customers.

Productpine: Best price, better world

The marketplace operates in Belgium and the Netherlands and is the first of its kind to strive toward sustainable practices. The company offsets the CO2 emissions generated by each order, without any additional charges to the customer. Customers can select from various compensation projects, such as reforestation or reducing plastic waste for example. Productpine collaborates with 150-200 companies primarily located in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Productpine measures and compensates for the CO2 emissions of every product. By 2030 it wants to sell net-zero products only.

Productpine has a portfolio of
+150 internationally renowned brands

The Challenge

Productpine’s commitment to offering the best prices on the market, or at least some of the lowest prices, led them to seek a Price Intelligence solution. 

The task of manually tracking marketplace prices using Excel sheets proved to be difficult and they were unable to adjust prices for every product. Thus, they sought a solution to automate the process. 

After conducting a benchmark analysis with small and big players in this field, the company chose the Price Intelligence solution Netrivals (by Lengow) for its excellent service and user-friendly interface.

The solution’s simplicity, which involved only a few easy clicks without the need for building processes, coupled with the client’s good relationship with the people behind the solution, contributed to the decision to choose Netrivals.


The Solution

Netrivals plays a very important role in providing Productpine with the best prices in the market.

By implementing Netrivals, Productpine has the ability to track prices and automate repricing, an essential component for staying competitive in a fast-moving market. 

As Productpine expanded its product catalogue from 20,000 to over 50,000, it needed a solution that could scale with its growth, allowing it to manage its pricing strategies more efficiently. 

Netrivals automatically suggests product prices and shares competitor information, freeing up Productpine’s team to focus on analysis and strategy.

With Netrivals, Productpine spends only a maximum of 1.5 to 2 hours a day on the platform, mainly adding connections, updating their pricing strategy based on competitors they want to track, and trying to link this data to their advertising strategy.

The client also uses Netrivals to show brands they work with that they use dynamic pricing to achieve the best prices. Brands can specify which marketplaces they do not want to compete with and set minimum prices they do not want to go under. 

Thanks to the data and insights Netrivals provides, Productpine is also able to help brands better understand their market position and gain confidence in dynamic pricing strategies.

The Result

“Netrivals has automated tedious manual work for us so we can focus on our core competencies.
We saw results from the beginning and can no longer imagine working without it.”

Yannick den Boer
Operations Manager

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