Case Study​

How The Little Green
Bag stays Competitive
in the so competitive
Fashion Industry

About Little Green Bag

The Little Green Bag is a multinational store and ecommerce store born in Holland in 2009 and now found all over Europe. This store has consolidated its position as a leader in the fashion sector in Holland and the rest of Europe. As a fashion store, The Little Green Bag, offers all kinds of products to start your closet and change your look.  

The Little Green Bag at a global level

The Little Green Bag is found in over 14 countries and has a team of more than 50 employees. This store offers fashion for Man, Women and kids and for all kinds of events and occasions. When buying online, the store provides free shipping and online credits that can be used whenever. 

This store offers fashion for man,
momen and kids and for all kinds
of events and occasions.

The Little Green Bag works with a handful of the best brands in fashion to offer its customers the best products of the sector. Some of the brands with which they work with are:

Some of the products they specialize in selling are:



Laptop Bags








The Challenge

The Little Green Bag, as a member of the fashion sector, is competing against huge competitors that may offer the same products that they do. Because of this, The Little Green Bag needs to have a good pricing strategy and therefore must get to learn and develop  strategies that take into account their direct competitors in the industry.

One of the main challenges of the Little Green Bag consists in offering great prices without putting their profit margin at stake. In the past, to be able to make this happen, this online store had to invest a lot of time and resources to obtain the necessary information to have a full understanding and report about the current state of competition across sales channels. 

Taking all this into account, we can conclude that investing all the time and resources on investigation and information is a huge sacrifice. At the end The Little Green Bag team have more pressing matters and need to have the extra time for other aspects of their business. For this reason, they decided to implement Netrivals and optimize their gathering of information. 


The Solution

Netrivals has been very important to The Little Green Bag to obtain a more accurate market picture. By implementing Netrivals, The Little Green Bag now has all the information they need about price evolution of top-sellers and key product categories in their industry. Now they can access all of this information easily and quickly from a single point. 

The ability to collect and analyze price information directly from competitors’ websites has become critical in the daily pricing strategy of The Little Green Bag. This online store now has all the market information they need to assess where they stand in the market and if they can improve their competitive status. 


The Result

Having all the information they need in one place and reachable in an easy and quick way has enabled the Little Green Bag to have more time that they can now dedicate to other business-related tasks that require more attention. Now they don’t have to make sense of all the data, Netrivals analyzes it and delivers it in a simple way so it can be leveraged instantly.

Now The Little Green Bag has the right competitive intel to make better pricing decisions. In fact, they do benefit a great deal from Netrivals’ Test in Safe Mode Module that allows them to implement new pricing strategies in a safe environment without any risks. With this they can control and change their prices to be more competitive in one of the most competitive sectors out there – the fashion business.

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