Master the online market of the pet sector

Analyze the competition and sell more in the pet industry

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Throughout the millennia, humanity has enjoyed the company of animals. From the domestication of wolves to ensure survival to the use of animals for therapy, the value of animals to human life is evident. Thanks to the increase in purchasing power and quality of life, a pet sector has developed, which is responsible for providing customers with those products and services to ensure the comfort of animal friendships.

If you have an e-commerce of accessories for pets, food, care, etc. we will give you some keys to success in the online market of the pet sector.

To make an analysis of the pet sector it is essential to study the market to obtain as much information as possible. This is a special market, since the diversification of products is immense, as there are many different species, and within them there are breeds with totally different sizes, behaviors and needs. It is not the same to sell food for a Tibetan mastiff as for a french bulldog. So, the first step is to know which animals your products will be destined to.

Like dogs and cats

The kings in this market are the domestic canids and the felines. The population of these pets exceeds 800 million worldwide. It’s a market in high demand but the competition in the pet sector is fierce. What can you do to differentiate yourself?

You must consider the keywords you use when describing your product to improve its organic positioning. Having a quality and accessible website is vital to take the consumer to the point of purchase, think of it as the equivalent of a physical store. You would not enter a dirty store; the same goes for online users. In that sense, using high-resolution images, having the website adapted to all platforms-users spend more time with a smartphone or tablet than with a computer- and having the website divided into easily distinguishable categories.

Find your place

Designing a pricing strategy in the pet sector is essential, we are talking about a market where users spend more than 70 billion euros in the United States alone. We must take into account that people who can afford a pet usually enjoy a comfortable economic level, so they can give priority to quality over price.

Thanks to monitoring tools, you can do a brand tracking and products of competitors to see trends in this market: the most profitable products, if there is an emerging brand, etc. that allows you to have a complete picture of the sector.

If you want to sell, per example, pet food, you need to prepare yourself and consult with specialists in the sector, who will recommend products – you can use this information to give your e-commerce a more professional look-. The economic aspect does not prevail in this type of buyers, who may be tracking the web until they find the specific product. The particularity of this sector is that it is very segmented, so you can take advantage of this feature to offer a personalized and quality service.

To increase the conversion rate for pet accessories -which are less essential- it is highly recommended to have the support of social networks to increase the reach of your products.

Following industry trends is key, and one of them, according to Forbes, is the evolution of brands from a B2B business to one without intermediaries and focused directly on selling to the consumer. To avoid fighting with more competitors, you have access to the brand tracking tool that allows you to observe the prices of their products to choose the best one for your e-commerce.

Although there is no specific formula for success, building your business around these three concepts – having a clear idea of your vertical, opting for quality products and having an accessible, well-designed website – is a good way of getting closer to success.