Netrivals Industry Insights Report

Analysis of prices of brands and online stores in the category of Do it Yourself (DIY) in France


Do it Yourself category is one of the most popular ones regarding the number of products. That is why products in this category are sold via a large number of players, both from a purely online approach and also from an omnichannel one. 

One of the characteristics of this category is the large number of products and varieties of products that are in it. There may be dozens of varieties of the same product. A clear example is a star screw from brand X; Depending on its size, the price may vary since even though it is the same screw, it has a different production cost. There is also the case of groupings of products, such as a bag of 50 X brand screws.

That is why, the goal of this analysis is to provide businesses with quite an accurate picture of the state of sales channels in this category, by checking:

  • Price evolution in this category
  • The most active players in sales channels for this category
  • Detection of patterns and behaviour of price changes

Price monitoring of main brands

Price monitoring of main retailers

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