Netrivals Industry Insights Report

Analysis of prices of brands and online stores in the category of Skin Care and Make-up in The UK



This Netrivals Industry Report includes a sample of products and brands in the category of Skin Care and Make-up in The UK. These products and brands have been used to analyze price changes across sales channels, along with the behaviour and evolution of prices throughout time, and across all brands and online stores included in this study. 

Skin care and make-up is one of the categories in which Netrivals has the most experience within Europe. 

Given the specialization of the average customer for these types of products, sellers have elaborated product pages that contain a great deal of information regarding products’ relevant information such as formats, composition, ingredients, and so on.

That is why, the goal of this analysis is to provide businesses with quite an accurate picture of the state of sales channels in this category, by checking:

– Price evolution in this category

– The most active players in sales channels for this category

– Detection of patterns and behaviour of price changes


Some of the brands analyzed
Some of the stores analyzed

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