The Lengow company Netrivals, the leading provider of Pricing & Big Data solutions, closes a certified partnership with the Spanish-based company Remoters.

After working for 3 years together on a technical level, where Remoters contributed to building our price monitoring solution, we now upgrade our collaboration and welcome them as our new business partner in Spain. Remoters is an innovative organization with a presence in Europe and Latin America. The company offers the best remote teams to provide business solutions to e-commerce and any sector of the technology market that requires remote talents.

We are welcoming Remoters onboard at the Lengow family and looking forward to working together on the Iberian market.

About Netrivals

Netrivals is a software company made up of a team of over 50 professionals based in Barcelona and with an expected turnover for 2022 of 4 million euros. This leading Pricing and Big Data company is constantly expanding. Since its launch in 2015, the Netrivals software has managed to establish itself in Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

At present, its systems scan more than 800 million products daily, 2.4B images in more than 35K ecommerce around the world.