Netrivals, leading provider of Pricing & Big Data solutions, closes a collaboration agreement with WMR Group, an Italian company that offers its clients an omnichannel marketing service and consultancy.

With the aim of expanding its offer and increasing excellence in the implementation of its platform, Netrivals initiates a new collaboration relationship with the Italian company WMR Group, which enables the best technologies for its clients omnichannel marketing. The WMR Group makes data intelligence a powerful ally for all.

WMR Group is an Italian company which helps other companies accelerate the growth of their value. They offer their clients omnichannel marketing services and consultancy using ght best technologies in the market. They develop projects tailored to each client’s business and necessities and thereby improve performance. These to the mesure projects are based on results obtained by analyzing data. Some of their clients include: Arcaplanet, Fretelli Carli, NenciniSport, Ollo Store, and much more.

Both companies share the philosophy of data based information as a way for their clients to be more competitive in the market and have an advantage on their direct competitors.

About Netrivals

Netrivals is a software company made up of a team of over 50 professionals based in Barcelona and with an expected turnover for 2022 of 4 million euros. This leading Pricing and Big Data company is constantly expanding. Since its launch in 2015, the Netrivals software has managed to establish itself in Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

At present, its systems scan more than 900 million products daily, 3.2B images in more than 31K ecommerce around the world.