Social Media Channels boosting online sales in 2022

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Did you know that companies spend over $1 trillion on marketing globally? This number means that brands are constantly seeking to expand their marketing strategies, which nowadays is shaped by the use of social media channels as an effective marketing tool for brands to promote their products.

The more people perceive shopping features on social media as useful and easy to use, the more likely they get motivated, and are more willing to purchase items, and consequently increase companies sales.

For example, if you want to spend an unlimited marketing budget on social media, you still can receive a low return on investment, if the quality of your marketing strategy is poor. For this reason, you need to choose wisely your marketing strategy and determine how you can employ it on your social marketing channels according to your target audience, and the products you want to sell.

You can start developing a marketing strategy by completing a full market analysis about the social trends, and the size of your market.


Social media channels: A new dimension for e-commerce sales

Social media users are not only using social media channels to share stories and pictures but also to make purchasing decisions.

For example Instagram was holding the first spot in the past few years, and had the highest returns on investment, however the latest statistics show that Facebook is now the king of social media, with 2.94 billion active users in 2022 as we can see from the following picture.

Second on the list among the most popular social media platforms in 2022 is Youtube as well, with 2.48 billion active users, especially now that Youtube has many expansions in the search for more revenue like Youtube Premium.

This feature represents an ad-free subscription that the user can add to its streaming experience, and comes with many other benefits. For instance, companies can choose a certain target audience who gets access to the full library of Youtube Original content and as a result receive more revenue.

Also bear in mind that social media posts and ads are also one of the most important keys for companies in order to drive traffic and generate leads

For ecommerce brands, social selling is an excellent channel to increase web traffic to their online store as more people talk about their products on social networks, the more visible their products are, the more possibility there will be to reach new customers.

Many e-commerce brands create social media posts based on their product updates, but what’s happening behind-the-scenes posts and stories can help users and potential customers feel connected to your brand and feel like they’re getting to know your company, and that will help them increase their sales.

Social media increasing companies sales in 2022

Now that people use social media channels to stay informed and connected, or even ask or share an opinion about a product recommendation, brands are integrating social media platforms by offering a wide range of options to customers to make purchases through a call-to-action, landing pages, or directly offering the opportunity to make a purchase of a product without suspending their scrolling.

The impact of social media is really important for brands and retailers, as users are continuously creating content about brands, but how are consumers being affected ?

Social media channels are no longer just about stories and reels, but also about sales and revenue. The consumer can just scroll through their social feed and feel the inspiration especially with these latest social media trends, and brands can engage with social audiences, increase brand awareness and create real human interaction.

As Instagram seems to be constantly improving its features, for example on the last update, “Instagram shop looks”, this section will give the advantage to customers to buy without leaving the app and go straight to the purchase section.


All in all, implementing the right marketing for your social media is a crucial part, your branding will increase your conversion rate, while your marketing campaigns and products ads on social media attract more potential customers.

If you are familiar with social selling, and you need to set the right marketing strategy, start using Lengow Marketing channel offer.

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