The Best Competitive Pricing Solution for Any Pricing Manager

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Are you a Pricing Manager looking for the best competitive pricing solution to stay ahead of your competitors and offer the best prices to your customers? Look no further! In today’s e-commerce environment, it is now more relevant and mandatory for sellers than ever to constantly monitor and adjust prices to stay competitive and ruthless in the market. 

In this blog, we will dive more into some of the struggles that managers face today, explore some examples of pricing strategies and highlight how Netrivals’s competitive pricing solutions can help you take your pricing strategy to the next level.

Challenges Pricing Managers Deal with Today

The e-commerce landscape is on constant growth, and along with it comes new challenges for Pricing Managers that lead them to monitor and offer the best prices to their clients, such as:

  • Increased competition: More and more businesses are entering the market and online marketplaces, so it is important for Pricing Managers to stand out with their pricing strategies and adopt a competitive pricing strategy.
  • Price sensitivity: Consumers have access to a wide range of products and services these days. They expect to find the best deals as they will often compare prices before making a purchase, which will also lead managers to adjust their prices.
  • The rise of dynamic pricing: The practice of adjusting prices based on demand and supply, depends on a variety of factors such as market trends, and customer demand, leading sellers to optimize prices to maximize profits, and analyze market data. 

In order to face the above challenges, retailers and brands need to focus on the use of software solutions since the strategy of monitoring and adjusting prices based on competition involves the following struggles:

  • The constant need to research and compare prices: Not only is this strategy time-consuming but also difficult for Pricing Managers to get the most accurate and up to date information when they don’t know how to use it to their advantage and can represent a real issue for managers. 
  • Customer demand: Customer demand can change for various reasons, such as changes in the economy, consumer preferences, or the launch of new products and services.
  • Globalization: Can significantly impact pricing strategies, as they need now to consider the impact of exchange rates, tariffs, and other factors while choosing pricing solutions. 
  • Dealing with pricing regulations: Certain industries and products may be subject to government regulations regarding pricing based on which country the business is operating in. 
  • Keeping up with the competition: Pricing Managers need to know what their competitors are doing to overperform them. This can involve using strategies to monitor prices on multiple websites and marketplaces and analyze competitors’ market data.

Before going any further with some of the examples of Competitive Pricing Solutions and explaining why Netrivals is the number one solution for your pricing strategy, let’s define first what competitive pricing is.

What is Competitive Pricing?

Competitive pricing is the practice of setting and adjusting prices based on market changes, such as the holiday sales season, and the competition. This can include monitoring prices on marketplaces like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay.

The goal of competitive pricing is to be in line with the market, make informed decisions and make sure to reach customers that are likely interested to purchase the best deals, and ultimately increase revenue. 

Some examples of competitive pricing solutions

There are a number of competitive pricing solutions available for Pricing Managers today. Some popular options include Webdata Guru, Minderest, but also Netrivals price intelligence, the ultimate competitive pricing solution for your business. 

Netrivals price intelligence solutions consist of tracking competitors prices, through competitive pricing analysis to help you make better-informed pricing decisions that will boost your sales and revenue

How does Netrivals price intelligence work?

Netrivals Price Intelligence gathers, collects, and analyzes data from competitors in order to improve sellers’ pricing strategy, gain in terms of competitiveness, and increase the engagement rate. 

You have the opportunity to:

  • Compare the prices of your entire catalog with the complete list of competitors that you are following despite the availability of other pricing solutions. 
  • Obtain a global vision on the performance of your store.
  • Export information on a large scale.
  • Analyze price changes in different currencies.

Keep in mind that you can organize your products into categories that represent the catalog of items that your company sells online. Netrivals also processes this type of segmentation and makes it available to you so that you can filter all the information in your product feed as necessary.

Netrivals: The Best Software for Competitive Pricing

In some cases it is not mandatory for sellers to carry out a competitor pricing solution for all products and all sellers, but sometimes it is necessary to know the prices of certain rivals. 

Netrivals’ competitor price monitoring software  allows you to track:

  • The price of your competitors’ products.
  • The availability of any product that your competitor sells.
  • Obtain the information directly from their website and from the information provided by Amazon price tracking software which automatically tracks prices and alerts you when they drop.

All this information can be used to make strategic pricing decisions and stay competitive in the market. 

The advantage of using Netrivals price monitoring tools consists of allowing sellers to easily monitor prices for specific products and be alerted when the trends change, and gather a large amount of data. 

Conclusion: Stay Competitive at All Times

Overall, it is important for any business and Price Manager to keep up with the competition and to succeed in the way to do this is to use the best price tracking software available on the market: Netrivals. This can allow sellers to identify new opportunities to increase sales and market share.

Another way to stay competitive is to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and market changes, and to continuously improve its business to fulfill customers’ needs. 

If you are a Pricing Manager and you are looking for a pricing tool to monitor and adjust your business prices, Netrivals pricing tool is just what you need. Get started and request a demo to improve your market share and succeed in your respective industry.

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