Google Shopping:

10 Advanced Strategies to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns


Google Shopping has become an indispensable service for retailers and e-commerces, it is not simply a place to promote your products online, it is the place to do so. Besides, Google Ads enlarges the possibilities by offering the chance to show your products to the people who really need them. Thanks to its broad service, Google is one of the main platforms to display your products and, at the same time, it is a powerful tool to increase your benefits… if you know how to take the most out of it, though.

This whitepaper aims to help you find the right strategy to improve the performance and the results of your Google Shopping sales campaigns, as well as to let users expand their knowledge of Google’s services, i.e. Google Shopping, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

This whitepaper contains a selection of advanced strategies that will help you improve your digital performance online and optimize your sales campaigns on Google Shopping.

Each business has its own needs and audiences, that is why getting to know different possible strategies will let you decide properly which one you need to apply according to your business’ needs.

The need of running the adequate sales campaign on Google Shopping

Currently, most of the e-commerce industries sell very similar products to similar audiences, which increases the level of competitiveness of the digital sales industry. One of the most used online services when it comes to search for products over the internet is Google Shopping, an indispensable comparison tool for any e-commerce store. That is why having correctly optimized your campaigns in Google Shopping turns out to be indispensable to stand out from your rivalry and get to increase both traffic and conversions.

There are different strategies you can apply depending on the needs of your business, features of your vertical and type of product you are offering. On this whitepaper we are going to explain different strategies and their characteristics, as well as some crucial concepts about Google Shopping that will allow you to improve your online sales campaigns.


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