Google Analytics:



Google Analytics is a very useful tool for both e-commerce and physical stores to check the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and strategies. This web analytics tool allows you to observe trends, origins or user behavior on the web as well as access to conversion and business metrics.

In this white paper about Google Analytics we will see information about user behavior based on the way they have accessed our website. For example, the behavior of a user who has entered through a direct channel that is familiar to your company and has specifically entered your page, will be very different to that of a user who has entered through an ad that he has seen on YouTube and has found your content to be interesting.

In this guide we will learn how to detect the strategies that provide the best results and make fundamental business decisions.

Basic concepts

Before starting the white paper it is worth remembering which metrics you will find along the pages, as well as doing the link tagging to organize the campaigns outside Google.


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