Google Analytics



Being able to get analysis on your business for free and automatically, meant a before and after for business. Google, with its web analytics tool Google Analytics, has been doing this since 2005. In these Analytics reports we will get all the information we want about the users who access our website, from where they connect to what their tastes are.

In this white paper we will see the most important sections for business activities, such as audience analysis, being able to explore users or segmenting the population according to their interests. We will also talk about other reports to know better the users that access or buy in your online store.

The following white paper is aimed at beginners in the Google Analytics application, so we will cover the most important topics for account analysis and use for your e-commerce.


How to overcome the most relevant challenges in data extraction for the online retail world

Before we start with the reports, let’s review the most important metrics

we’ll see in this guide:

● Users: are people who access the website.

● New users: users that haven’t accessed the website before.

● Sessions: times they have accessed the web. A user can have

different sessions even during the same day.


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