Google Analytics:

The Set-up


Google Analytics has become a very important partner for both e-commerce and physical stores with an online channel. This web analytics tool created in 2005 allows you to know the trends and behavior of users on your website.

In addition, with this software you can see important consumer data such as geographical origin, the device users have used, how they have found your page, etc.

This white paper is aimed at novice users so the most important topics of each report will be covered to provide a general idea of the data that can be obtained from this tool. In it, we will talk about how to set up Google Analytics for e-commerce.


How to structure the Google Analytics account

Account: here you must put the name of the company.

Property: you must put the store’s trade name here.


○ View I, All the information: This view does not have any

filter and you must set the enhanced e-commerce option.


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