Extracting In The E-Commerce Ecosystem:

How to create and optimize a full PPC strategy for Sporting Goods e-Commerce Businesses


The sporting goods industry is characterized by its enormous competitiveness and high seasonality, as most of the sports are linked to a certain time of the year. To take advantage of the characteristics of this industry, e-commerce businesses in the sector should make use of PPC campaigns to get the most out of their product catalog.

In this white paper, we will create several PPC campaigns. This resource also aims to identify and optimize PPC campaigns on the main advertising platforms: Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads Facebook & Instagram Ads, as well as Affiliate platforms.

The content of this document is aimed at both entry-level PPC campaigners as well as PPC campaign technicians, who will be able to improve and optimize the performance and metrics of these strategies thanks to the insights provided.

The white paper contains a selection of strategies for different networks such as Search or Display campaigns on Google Ads, and for different audiences, from Prospecting to Retargeting audiences.

About the sporting goods industry

This sector is one of the most important in many countries and represents a high share of the online market. It is a sector that has very different purchasing profiles, from children to adults. The socio-demographic profile is one of the most equitable in the e-commerce world. One of the main characteristics of the sector is its high seasonality. During autumn and winter, certain product categories are sold, and during summer and spring other completely different product categories. This is why we cannot follow a global strategy by treating the entire store’s product catalog as a single product family.

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