Solution for your marketing department

Netrivals is a powerful tool designed to maximize the revenue and profits of any ecommerce business
and provide you with detailed reports on the status of your products in the market.

Common Problems in Marketing Departments

The marketing department of any ecommerce is the main beneficiary of the implementation of such a powerful tool. The reasons why it is decided to implement our tool in the marketing department are usually the following: “We review competitor prices for hours”, “We base our pricing decisions on assumptions”, “We cannot accurately determine what our market position is”, “We do not know which products to focus our marketing efforts on”, “We have low pricing flexibility compared to strong competitors”, “We do not have an accurate view of the market”.



"We review competitor prices for hours"

Netrivals’ systems track and update daily the prices of +600M products from +30K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace. With our solution you can choose the frequency of “crawling” to have the information as updated as necessary.


"We base our pricing decisions on assumptions"

Netrivals collects data on the prices of each of your competitors in an automated way. Each of your competitors’ websites is regularly scanned so you can get real, up-to-date information on each of the products you compete in the market.

Once you get to know the competitors for each product, at what price they are selling, along with their stock availability, you can establish pricing rules to guarantee the BuyBox. Unlike most of the ecommerce repricers in the market, Netivals offers you the possibility to lower prices and also increase the price for different products. For example, if you are in a price war with two competitors who have broken stock: why continue to sell the product with such a tight margin?


"We cannot accurately determine our position in the market"

By constantly monitoring your competitors, both via direct websites and comparison shopping engines, you can determine how competitive your e-commerce business is. At Netrivals we use a very important KPI to have a clear vision of your competitiveness called Price Index. This metric will show you the degree of competitiveness of the product calculated based on the average market price.


"We don't know which products to focus
our marketing efforts on"

If you know what products you are or can be competitive in, you no longer have this problem. It is proven that when your products are competitively priced the conversion rate is much higher. In all companies there are resource limitations. If you are carrying out paid marketing campaigns for products, the final customer will most likely end up buying from your competitor if you do not offer competitive prices. This results in a low or even negative return on investment. For this reason, a good idea is to focus on those products that can generate revenue at a good price.


"We have a low price flexibility compared
to strong competitors"

Imagine meetings with your suppliers with a wealth of information about the price of products from online sellers and the price evolution in each of them. Every question, query or objection to negotiate a price will be refuted with solid arguments and purely objective data. Get better purchase prices for your products and obtain a greater negotiation capacity.


"We don't have an accurate view of the market"

Apart from information such as price or stock availability, Netrivals keeps the history of price changes for each of the products. This gives you access to the price change history of each of your products. Moreover, thanks to our conversion script, you can see the sales that have been generated for each product and brand, and associate these data points to develop predictive demand models based on price competitiveness.


Price Monitoring

Marketplaces and Price Comparators

Find out the price at which the products in your catalogue are being sold in different price comparators such as Google Shopping and Idealo, and in different marketplaces such as Amazon or Fnac

Competitors’ web pages

In many cases it is not necessary to know the prices at which all sellers are selling a given product, but only the prices of a specific retailer. With Netrivals you can control both the price and the availability of any product sold by your competitors by obtaining such information directly from their website.

Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence is about knowing how market prices affect the public’s purchasing decisions and ultimately the performance of businesses. This data and knowledge is used to optimize the pricing strategy of the players in the market. This makes your e-commerce business more competitive, which helps boost your sales and improve your profitability. 

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy that consists of automatically adapting the price of your products by means of a set of predefined rules. For example, with a dynamic pricing strategy, an ecommerce business can ensure that its products are always 1 euro cheaper than their competitors, only if that price safeguards the minimum margins for each of their products.