Solution for your pricing department

Netrivals is a solution specially designed to meet the needs of pricing departments in e-commerce businesses.

3 Common Problems in Pricing Departments

It is common for these specific departments to have manual processes in place to track prices of key products on certain competitors’ websites, as well as marketplaces and price comparators. These methodologies, in addition to consuming economic resources and personnel, are an inefficient source of data.

Let’s look at three very common problems in pricing departments: “We spend many hours manually reviewing prices”, “We don’t have enough staff in the department to do this kind of tracking”, “We base pricing decisions on assumptions or impressions”.



"We spent many hours manually reviewing prices"

Netrivals’ systems follow and update daily the prices of +600M products from +35K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace. With our solution you can choose the frequency of crawling to have the information updated according to your business needs.


"We don't have enough staff in the department
to do this kind of tracking"

Our solution is very visual and intuitive. It is designed to get as many insights as possible in the shortest time possible. In Netrivals you have a large amount of resources and detailed tutorials that are updated as the solution evolves. On the other hand, you will have an account manager to help you both in the implementation and in the creation of pricing strategies. No more than one person is needed to get the most out of the tool.


"We base pricing decisions on assumptions or impressions"

Apart from information such as price or stock availability, we keep the history of price changes of your competitors. You have access to the history of price changes for each of the products you are tracking. On the other hand, thanks to our conversion script you can see the sales that have been generated for each product and brand, and cross these data with those considered appropriate to develop predictive demand models based on price competitiveness.


Price Monitoring

Marketplaces and Price Comparators

Find out the price at which the products in your catalogue are being sold in different price comparators such as Google Shopping and Idealo, and in different marketplaces such as Amazon or Fnac

Competitors’ web pages

In many cases it is not necessary to know the prices at which all sellers are selling a given product, but only the prices of a specific retailer. With Netrivals you can control both the price and the availability of any product sold by your competitors by obtaining such information directly from their website.

Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence is about knowing how market prices affect the public’s purchasing decisions and ultimately the performance of businesses. This data and knowledge is used to optimize the pricing strategy of the players in the market. This makes your e-commerce business more competitive, which helps boost your sales and improve your profitability. 

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy that consists of automatically adapting the price of your products by means of a set of predefined rules. For example, with a dynamic pricing strategy, an ecommerce business can ensure that its products are always 1 euro cheaper than their competitors, only if that price safeguards the minimum margins for each of their products.