How to sell more in the toys and games industry

Playing is an inherent characteristic of humanity. With the technological revolution we went from entertainment through toys to another sector: videogames. According to a study done by Newzoo, there are more than 2.2 billion players in the world, which makes it a very demanding industry. Nevertheless, the classic toy option is still a viable business,

How to set the prices of an e-commerce

One of the most complicated tasks in business is to set a sales value for your products. Monitoring prices of similar items is an important step towards establishing an optimal pricing strategy. There are several factors when determining a price, these can be internal such as the cost of the product or external as the

Reduce costs of the company thanks to the purchasing department

Reducing costs is the primary goal of any purchasing department. Even though getting to optimize and maximize the benefits of your online store is not as easy as it could seem, thanks to monitoring tools and dynamic pricing solutions, you will get to achieve the objectives of your purchasing department and maximize the performance of

Succeed in the online health and wellness retail industry

Just like most of the online markets, it is necessary to analyze the situation of the sector to obtain valuable data that help you understand and improve your digital performance. This is also the case for the health and wellness industry. Making a proper analysis of the health industry can surely help your brand or

Beat your competition with Price Intelligence tools

To make your ecommerce successful it is necessary to know where your product is positioned in the market. In this case, to spy on the prices of your competitors is necessary in order to implement the right price strategy. The most important factor for the consumer when choosing a product is the cost of it,