What pricing strategy are my competitors following?

Designing a price strategy is essential for your e-commerce to succeed. In order to set your prices you can look at the cost of the product, the market or the rivals. A competitor analysis will give you a global vision of your vertical and will allow you to identify pricing patterns of your competitors, so

Protect your product’s profit margin with dynamic prices

There are three metrics that all e-commerce must follow to be economically viable: the profit margin, the price index and the conversion rate. The profit margin-the metric that indicates the difference between the cost of production and the final selling price of a product-is the most important and sensitive of the three. We never recommend

How to maintain price parity with your competitors

Price intelligence is a tool that, thanks to the study of the competition’s prices, gives you a global vision of your vertical and consequently, an advantage over your rivals. Often competitors can have products at a lower price than the one you have in your e-commerce. In those cases you can apply price intelligence as