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How Sobrico remains
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market for high
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About Sobrico

Sobrico is an online store that since its beginning in 2014 has positioned itself as one of the leaders of the DIY industry in France. Sobrico is known for its low prices and high quality items selected specifically from well-known brands of the DIY sector around the world and France. Sobrico is the support that all handy people need regardless of their level of abilities.

Sobrico in France

Sobrico operates across all of France and offers grand advantages to its clients, such as delivery in 24 hours in all of the country. This store also provides all kinds of products regarding: plumbing, electrical supplies, heating and air conditioning and much more! Plus, they sell both electrical and manual tools, and have a catalog of more than 40,000 products from where to choose from. 

Sobrico operates across all of France and offers some of the best diy tool at the best price.

Sobrico has a portfolio of internationally
renowned brands in the sector:

The Challenge

Sobrico is a shop recognized for its low prices but high quality tools from the best brands in the DIY industry. Pricing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis. More specifically, when it comes to setting the right price without losing profitability, all of it while staying true to their branding. 

As an e-commerce company with more than 40,000 products in their catalog, Sobrico has a lot of work to do regarding the maintenance of the prices that their customers expect. For this reason, they need critical data about the market where they operate. Such information needs to be on the spot and very reliable, in order to ensure the effectiveness of their pricing decisions and the direct impact that those have on their sales performance.

The Solution

To keep having the best prices in the market on the best tools of the most remarkable brands, they need the most reliable information and data on the sector and their competitors. This is where Netrivals plays a very important role, it provides all the information they need to set prices and keep their margin as is.

By implementing Netrivals, Sobrico can easily and quickly access all the key information about the products and prices their competitors are selling and how they stand in the market. Similarly, the Netrivals solution gives the possibility of accessing a notification system that allows for an even more detailed view of when there are changes in stock availability and prices changes their competitors may be carrying out. Also, Sobrico can know all the new products in their competitors product assortment, along with the prices they set for those.

The Result

Sobrico used to invest a large amount of time sorting and making sense of the information of their competitor manually. This approach forced them to look at their rivals’ catalogs and products one by one. Since the implementation of Netrivals, Sobrico can now easily see and evaluate their competitors’ moves and their own standing on the market.

Thanks to the ability and access to this data, Sobrico now has the possibility to react in time in the case of their competitors changing prices. They now have information that may help them in their negotiations with brands and also have a better view of how competitors are doing regarding stock availability status.

After implementing Netrivals, Sobrico has saved more than 20 hours per month thanks to the automation that the platform provides. The services that Sobrico has been more grateful for have been both the automation of prices, also known as Dynamic Pricing, and, of course, product attribute monitoring, or what we call our Market Research Module.
With Netrivals, Sobrico can be the shop offering the best prices for quality tools in France without sacrificing and wasting precious time in the process.

Baptiste SaillenfestVisual
Merchandising Manager

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