Case Study​

Perfumerías Julia’s
path to a 50%
CVR increment

About Perfumerías Julia

Perfumerías Julia is a family owned beauty company founded by Julia Bonet in 1939 and now led by her three daughters: Anna Mª, Melània and Imma zamora. This shop has positioned itself as the one that offers the best products with the highest customer service. 

Perfumerías Julia as a Beauty
icon in Spain and Andorra

Nowadays, Perfumerías Julia has over 70 stores all over Andorra and Spain and works with over 600 collaborators. In this store you can not only find many different luxury brands from around the world, but also Julia`s own products that are recognized for its efficiency, sensations and results. Perfumerías Julia has won different awards for their image and the overall store. Also, they have created the only Fragrance museum in Andorra called Museu del Perfum. 

Perfumerías Julia has won different awards for their image and the overall store. In total they have 18 awards won.

Perfumerías Julia works with some of the
best brands in the beauty industry such as:

The portfolio also includes their own brand that
has all different kinds of products such as:

Make up

Beauty Accesories

Skin Care

Beauty for Men

The Challenge

Perfumerías Julia faces a great challenge: to set the right prices on their products to be more competitive and at the same time to still be profitable and maintain their margin. They were also confronted with the need to grow sales and acquire more customers.

As a retailer they are always in the search for new brands with whom to work with, and, of course to have enough stock availability for all their products in order to satisfy their consumers needs, as well as being  able to recommend the best product to each of them.  

It is key for Perfumerías Julia to monitor the prices of the competition and to be able to know of new products and how the market is changing to assess their business competitiveness in the beauty industry. 

Taking into consideration all the points that Perfumerías Julia needs to keep in mind and to spend time doing, we can conclude that the time and resources spent collecting all the information they need to keep being competitive and a great player in the market is a lot. This is one of the reasons for which they decided to implement Netrivals.


The Solution

Netrivals plays a very important role in providing correct information on Perfumerías Julia’s rivals. With Netrivals they were able to follow the evolution of prices in the marketplace and the changes in stock of their competitors.

Also, they made continued use of the alarms for everytime one of their rivals decides to change a price on their catalog. This helps them be more efficient and therefore be more proactive with their time and resources. 


The Result

Since the implementation of Netrivals, Perfumerías Julia can now easily access all the information they need to be informed about the market and the different products that are now part of it. All of this without the need to spend long hours surfing the Internet trying to gather such information.

Without a doubt, this ability to access this data quickly is what has allowed Perfumerías Julia to be able to react faster and correctly to the changes of prices that their competitors can be executing to their products. On the other hand, knowing their rivals prices can be of lots of help when it comes to negotiating with the brands.

Perfumerías Julia also uses the information that they obtain through Netrivals to have better knowledge of where they stand in regarding to the market and what are their strong points and weaknesses. With this information they can take better decisions when wanting to improve and control their weak points. Finally, thanks to the correct use of Netrivals, Perfumerías Julia has had an increase in their CVR of over 50%.

Daniela Da Costa
Pricing Manager

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