Case Study​

How Bon Preu Group
has improved its
pricing strategy

About Bon Preu

Bon Preu Group is a Catalan company focused in the food sector. The first physical store opened in 1974 in Manlleu. Today it has numerous establishments distributed around Catalonia. The Bon Preu Group is made up of two physical supermarket brands: Bonpreu and Esclat, as well as an online supermarket called BonpreuEsclat.

Bon Preu Online

The BonpreuEsclat e-commerce offers two services when it comes to receiving the purchase made by the consumer through the website: The home delivery service and delivery to a specific establishment, where the purchase can be picked up by car. Currently this service is available in: Girona, Malla, Manresa, Mataró-Cabrera de Mar, Olot, Reus, Terrassa, Sant Joan Despí, Vilafranca del Penedès and Vic Nord.

Bon Preu Group is made up of two physical supermarket brands:
Bonpreu and Esclat, as well as
an online supermarket called BonpreuEsclat.

Bonpreu stands out for:


The products are local so that they are fresh and seasonal.


One of the great benefits is the excellent customer service, where they have the appropriate staff to advise the customer and improve their shopping experience.


They focus on having the best products at the best possible price and at the same time offering great deals that benefit their customers.


They strive to have different products that meet the dietary needs of their customers.

The Challenge

BonpreuEsclat, being an e-commerce focused on food and supermarket products, has a wide catalog which has to be kept up to date and aiming for the best prices. Having a successful product offer and the best price will allow them to remain within the sector online competition and be able to achieve their goals and objectives in terms of sales.

However, one of the greatest challenges for BonpreuEsclat was monitoring competing supermarkets on a daily basis to be able to guarantee the best products at the best price, without losing profit margin.

Another problem BonpreuEsclat has faced is not being able to identify when one of its competitors incorporated a new product into its catalog. This lack of knowledge causes the company to be unaware of the real competitiveness of its rivals, so it doesn’t allow them to generate strategies adapted to their real environment.


The last point that this online supermarket had to face was not being able to quickly and effectively visualize the offers of its competitors. Not having better offers than their competition can cause customers to go to another ecommerce to make their purchases.

In summary, BonpreuEsclat had several challenges to face and most of them related to price monitoring of consumer products through its different rivals. This did not allow them to obtain correct and updated data on their market. On the other hand, they also did not have a history of food prices.


The Solution

Netrivals has been an essential tool for BonpreuEsclat to have a clearer vision of the market to which it belongs to and thus generate strategies based on real and updated data. By implementing Netrivals, this online supermarket now has the  price comparison engine for supermarkets that it needs to monitor supermarkets and visualize price changes by product. They also have access to the price history of food products. Thanks to Netrivals they can access all this information easily and quickly from a single point.

The ability to collect and analyze price information directly from competitors’ websites has opened the doors for BonpreuEsclat, with this data they can now react better to price changes from their competitors and therefore remain relevant in the market . They can also negotiate better prices with brands and suppliers which will allow them to increase their profit margin.

The Result

Having all the necessary data in one place to access easily and quickly has helped BonpreuEsclat to manage its prices in a more agile way and have them updated on a daily basis. Thanks to Netrivals, they now have a clear vision of all their products in relation to their competitors’ catalogs. With the price comparison engine for supermarkets, they now receive alerts of the price changes of their rivals, as well as the new products that they include in their catalogs, which generates a better vision of the market and allows them to carry out strategies based on real and updated data.

All this is allowing them to attract new customers and retain them, always guaranteeing the best possible price.

Anna Viñeta
Head of the purchasing operations and projects