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How Tradeinn Accelerates Its Sales Growth


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Tradeinn is a pure player multispecialist in sports equipment, with 12 lines of business: running, cycling, swimming, mountain, ski, tennis and paddle, football, diving, sailing and fishing, fitness, sports fashion and equipment for motorcyclists.

Currently, this e-commerce sells worldwide and it keeps accelerating its sales growth.

How TradeInn improves its strategy every day

Tradeinn has over 750,000 products of 1500 top brands in its 13 online stores: Diveinn, Waveinn, Swiminn, Snowinn, Trekkinn, Runnerinn, Bikeinn, Traininn, Smashinn, Goalinn, Motardinn, Dressinn and Outletinn. Their platform comprehends online stores available in 18 countries, 12 currencies, 75 payment methods, 22 local phone numbers and different price rates according to each market.

The Tradeinn team is in a constant process of innovation offering its customers new products and services. In fact, its success is based on the use of ethical values, innovation and business practices focused on customer satisfaction.

The Pure Player specialist in sports equipment searches new tools and objectives to achieve table growth and consolidate itself as one of the major competitors in the current market.

For this case study, we have talked to David Martin, owner and CEO of Tradeinn, who says that in such a global market, creating a climate of security and trust is the key to the success of online stores.

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+200 countries

A logistics center of 15,600m2

The problem

Currently, Tradeinn has a catalog of more than 500,000 references, with different prices and competitors in every country. Thousands of our competitors’ prices change every day, and for us getting all that up-to-date information is a challenge. This task is a very complex one to be implemented and kept from our IT department, and at a high cost from a human resources perspective in terms of monitoring.

The solution

We needed quality data to determine the right prices for our catalog and netRivals has become critical for that matter. This platform has provided us with smart pricing data on more than 800 competitors, as well as the necessary mechanisms to automate the price change of our products thanks to their API.

The results

The truth is that we chose netRivals for many reasons: it is accurate, reliable, and we received comprehensive training on the tool from their customer success team before, during and after its implementation, and this is something that has been very valuable for us to find the full potential of the tool. In fact, this is how we have achieved to accelerate growth in sales up to 60%, as well as reducing our customer acquisition costs by 25%.

David Martín  |  CEO