Value-based pricing strategy: what is it?

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Value-based pricing strategy is one of the most difficult pricing strategies. It requires a thorough investigation of your target audience, the broader market as a whole and the product offerings of your competitors.  But research is always worth it. This kind of strategy not only gives you the flexibility to meet market demands, but also helps you learn about your target audience and competitors.

But what is Value-Based Pricing?

Value-based pricing strategy is a strategy based primarily on the consumer’s perceived value of a product or service. The value-based pricing strategy is a type of customer-based pricing, which means that companies set prices based on what customers believe a product is worth

Companies that offer unique or high value features or services are better positioned to take advantage of the value-for-money pricing model than companies that primarily sell commoditized items.

Advantages and disadvantages:

– Benefits:

  • A better understanding of the competitive area: A value-based pricing strategy will give you a better understanding of your audience, competitors, and market.  
  • More Insights: Research on competition and target audience needs can inspire product development ideas. 
  • Profit higher: The value-based pricing method “maximizes” the price by charging the highest price that can be achieved based on the  perceived value. 

– Value-based pricing disadvantages 

  • Complexity: it can be difficult to implement because it is a complex process that requires research and analysis.

When talking about this kind of pricing strategy, a lot of examples come to mind. However, one that can resonate with everyone is Apple. This brand has positioned itself as the luxury technology brand. Therefore, when people think about Apple and their products they think luxury and quality. For this reason, the value of Apple can be as high as it is, because the consumer is willing to spend an important amount of money for an Apple product.

Things to consider when using a value-based pricing strategy:

The key to successful pricing is to align your product with what a consumer values. As a result, value-based pricing strategies are so successful that they take into account all aspects of the pricing and marketing mix. A good value-based pricing strategy, once developed, strengthens your brand’s promises, makes you agile in the market, and gives you more insight into what consumers expect from your product.

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