Solution for your purchase department

Netrivals is a solution that goes beyond price monitoring or dynamic pricing, it is a partner to your business.

2 Common Problems in Purchase Departments

The purchase department benefits greatly from the features of our tool for a simple reason: we know what prices your competitors are selling your products at, and we tell you how much they have changed the price and when they have made price changes.

The use of a tool like Netrivals is especially useful in the following scenarios, according to the testimony of several e-commerce business purchase managers: “We don’t know if we are buying at a good price from our distributors”, “Negotiations with distributors are complex”.



"We don't know if we're buying at a good price from our distributors"

There are times when competitors sell below your cost price. This scenario can occur for several reasons: The competitor is liquidating stock; the competitor is part of a promotion or some specific event; the competitor is dumping; or your competitor has a lower cost price.

From an external point of view, it is difficult to know the reason for these practices, but if we analyze our competitors day by day we can detect certain patterns. The moment we have this information we will be able to determine if we are buying at higher prices from a certain distributor, and we will base this hypothesis on data.


"Negotiations with distributors are complex"

It is not the same to enter a negotiation process with subjective data as with detailed market reports. That’s where our tool comes in. As Michael Eugene Porter explains in the model he developed for Harvard, the negotiation power of the client (in this case your department) is one of the main strategic forces of a solid business model.

Imagine meetings with your suppliers with a large amount of information about the price of the products of online sellers, as well as the evolution of the prices of each one of them. Every question, query or objection of the salesman to negotiate a price will be refuted with solid arguments and really objective data.


Price Monitoring

Marketplaces and Price Comparators

Find out the price at which the products in your catalogue are being sold in different price comparators such as Google Shopping and Idealo, and in different marketplaces such as Amazon or Fnac

Competitors’ web pages

In many cases it is not necessary to know the prices at which all sellers are selling a given product, but only the prices of a specific retailer. With Netrivals you can control both the price and the availability of any product sold by your competitors by obtaining such information directly from their website.

Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence is about knowing how market prices affect the public’s purchasing decisions and ultimately the performance of businesses. This data and knowledge is used to optimize the pricing strategy of the players in the market. This makes your e-commerce business more competitive, which helps boost your sales and improve your profitability. 

Market research

With Market research you can analyze all the products of your competition, navigating through their brands, categories, and other filters. React effectively by identifying competitors’ new products and trending products. You will be able to study the distribution of brands, prices, stocks, cost policies and delivery times. In the same way, you can export all the information about the product you need: titles, photographs, brands, categories, descriptions, EANs, MPNs. Moreover, on demand, we can extract any additional attribute you need and export it, either through our export system via SaaS or API.