Netrivals' Big Data

Netrivals compiles product data online so that it can be analyzed later from the platform itself
or through your frequently used business intelligence tool. Netrivals’ Big Data will allow you to take better decisions regarding your business. 

This information is very valuable and will allow you to analyze in a more detailed way the changes in the state of the products in marketplaces and distribution channels at a global level. Take full advantage of Netrivals’ Big Data to improve your analysis of products in the marketplace and determine, more effectively, their value in real time.


How we Collect Information

Netrivals collects the information available about products online in the various online stores in an automated manner. Each of the online stores' pages is scanned multiple times a day, so that we can provide you with real and updated market information. Netrivals' solution combines different sources to provide complete and detailed data on the status of products in the online marketplace. These are the four main pillars for data collection in Netrivals:

Direct Web

Google Shopping

Shopping Engines

A great number
of marketplaces

Public or Private information?

Netrivals only monitors information that has been made public on the various websites and marketplaces, so it is only a collection of data that is public. The advantage of using Netrivals is that all this information is collected automatically, this avoiding a large amount of manual work, which helps to optimize the time and money resources of your business. 

To learn more about the type of data and its accessibility by Netrivals, please see our sections on Security and Types of Data Collected.

Data collection frequency

Netrivals’ systems visit and analyse the websites of the sellers and marketplaces you follow on a daily basis. And this crawling frequency can be changed according to specific sellers.

There are four different types of monitoring frequency that can be customized based on the following factors:

According to these criteria, it will be possible to start from a set of products segmented on the basis of specific categories, brands or tags, and to customize their monitoring frequency. This crawling frequency can start from time intervals ranging from 5 minutes to several hours. 

It all depends on your monitoring needs, and whether certain products in your catalog need a higher level of tracking frequency to conduct a more detailed and in-depth analysis of changes occurring in the market.

How the data is displayed

The platform displays the prices you have set for all the items in your catalogue and compares them with those of your competitors. The results obtained from the price monitoring processes are expressed in the form of figures, percentages and colour codes that help you detect at a glance whether your prices are below, above or equal to those of your competitors.

Break down the data on your competitors into more specific graphs that will help you determine the level of competitiveness of your store in relation to the state of the market.

For one thing, you have the option to compare prices across your entire catalog with the complete list of competitors you track, giving you a global view of your store’s activity. On the other hand, you can select specific competitors and see how you compete with them for certain products, such as those of a particular brand, for example.

How Netrivals' big data is exported

You probably organize your catalogue by the categories that best represent your range of products. Netrivals’ Price Intelligence processes this type of segmentation and makes it available to you from the same platform, so you can filter all the information in your feed according to your needs. 

Searches by category include articles with common characteristics. These searches can be saved as reports that can also be exported from Netrivals in the following formats CSV, Excel, via API REST, and Custom exports.


The data collected through these sources are not limited to product prices alone. Netrivals provides you with a complete overview of the market through all data related to online product analysis:

Netrivals employs all of these attributes so that you can get a complete picture of the market at the level of: