Benefits of Price Monitoring, Product and Rating Review for Brands

Brands and online retailers have two distinct contexts, although the current competitive scenario and the strategic evolution of online sales have had a direct impact on both. Retailers, on the one hand, are continually looking for ways to improve their conversions, while brands are largely concerned with product positioning and consumer perception. This last point

Competitor Analysis for eCommerce strategies

Carrying out a competitor analysis for ecommerce that works properly and generates the expected results requires an in-depth study of the main factors that impact on the performance, revenue and image of any online store: competition, markets, sector and product offerings. The evolution and constant changes in the ecommerce world are a reality. So any

Increase Your Competitive Advantage using Price Monitoring tools

  The increasing competitiveness in the e-commerce world makes it necessary, now more than ever, to use price monitoring platforms that provide the necessary data to develop an optimal pricing strategy, not only for pure online e-commerce businesses, but also for omnichannel ones, this is, business with both online and brick-and-mortar stores. For the customers,

Competitor Monitoring Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

To improve the pricing strategy of your e-commerce business, you need to go through a detailed business competitor analysis that allows you to base your decisions on reliable data. This competitive study gives you the tools to react appropriately when your rivals make pricing changes. At the same time, it offers you the possibility to

The Effect of Pricing Strategy on Competition

Today, competition in the retail world is greater than ever. The current scenario is defined by how good is your pricing strategy and the struggle for competitive advantage. Online stores observe each other and continually compare their prices. For that reason, competitive pricing tools have become critical to build effective pricing strategies among today’s e-commerce

Tips for Determining Your Best Pricing Strategy

Developing a good pricing strategy is not as simple as copying price changes made by the competition. You need to carry out a solid competitive intelligence analysis that will help you determine whether your current strategy is working as expected. So, let’s learn more about the factors that need to be included in such a

Price Monitoring Trends and Patterns

It is a fact that prices are constantly changing and therefore most online stores opt for automated solutions to price monitor their competitors. This type of automated tracking has emerged in response to the need to find new ways to analyze the strategies of rivals in the market, and thus gain in competitiveness and improve

How to Use Competitor Analysis Tools Before Launching Your eCommerce

Whether you are thinking of opening an online store or you already have one, we recommend that you perform an exhaustive market research through competitor analysis tools. Such tools become an asset if your goal is to achieve a good conversion ratio for your future business. However, it may not be easy to identify the

Pricing Strategies: Find the perfect price for your products

Setting the right pricing for your products is not as easy as searching for a price calculator online. To develop strong pricing strategies for your online store, you need to analyze your competition and the position that your store has among them. This type of study must take into account certain key elements that directly