Solution for your sales team

The sales team is one of the departments that uses the Netrivals solution the most.
The fact that you can access the prices of sellers means that you can have a better view of the average prices in the market.
Similarly, knowing their availability allows your department to generate ad-hoc proposals for each of your clients.



Find out who's the first to lower the price

All price wars start with a small price change. Smaller retailers follow then the price changes made by stronger competitors.


Find out which stores have run out of stock

Since you have the option of monitoring the information via direct website from each of the sellers of your products, you can visualize their stock availability for each product and make commercial proposals when your customers need it the most.


Analyze the composition of each seller's catalogue

Let’s imagine the next case: Retailer A is a vertical in sector X. 90% of its catalogue is made up of families of products very similar to yours. On the other hand, Retailer B is a store that sells products from sector X, Y and Z. Your products and those of your direct competing brands represent only 6% of that specific seller’s catalogue.

In the case of Retailer A, you will have to fight much harder to get a good sale price since this retailer has many of your direct competitors in his catalogue. In the case of Seller B, neither your brand nor those of your competitors represent a very significant amount of their catalogue. For this reason, you are unlikely to have as many options for comparing the prices of your products with those competing brands.


Determine the relevance of your brand
in your retailers’ catalogs

Through the BI (Business Intelligence) module and the functionality of Catalog Explorer you will be able to know more about your brand’s position in the catalogs of retailers. You will be able to visualize what percentage your brand represents in their catalogs, and you will be able to explore this type of information regarding other brands.


Price tracking

Marketplaces and Price Comparators

Analyze the sellers who distribute your brand: evaluate who distributes your products in marketplaces and price comparators. Find authorized and unauthorized sellers. Check the countries of distribution: analyze the presence of your product among sellers within a given marketplace or price comparators in specific countries. Evaluate the price discrepancy in different countries.

Via direct website (retailers’ sites)

Netrivals’ software has a monitoring system that helps analyze the price evolution of products in different stores and countries. On the one hand, you can check the overall performance of your products, that is, how prices behave in the market compared to recommended prices. On the other hand, you can analyse products in particular categories or sellers. The platform will intuitively show which sellers are below or above the recommended prices. In the same way, you can display average market prices. This information will allow you to get a more complete view of the distribution channels, detect inconsistencies and make better informed decisions.

Market research

Find out more about the distribution of the brand among retailers. What are the main brands that retailers work with in the market? Assess the status and presence of rival brands in the distribution channels, analyze how that may be affecting the demand for your product and the perception of the brand. Use this data to create strategies for your brand.

With Market research you can analyze all the products of your competition, navigating through their brands, categories, and other filters. React effectively by identifying competitors’ new products and trending products. You will be able to study the distribution of brands, prices, stocks, cost policies and delivery times. In the same way, you can export all the information about the product you need: titles, photographs, brands, categories, descriptions, EANs, MPNs. Moreover, on demand, we can extract any additional attribute you need and export it, either through our export system via Saas or API.

Monitoring of ratings and reviews

Netrivals’ brand platform goes beyond price and stock data. Through this functionality, you can visualize the evolution of your products at the level of opinions and ratings. Analyze how these impact positively or negatively on product demand and develop new ideas for a more effective brand strategy.

Notification System

Netrivals allows you to receive email notifications based on the alerts you have previously set up on the platform. The criteria for the alert can include specific vendors and products, as well as sets of products belonging to certain categories or segments of products. You decide which price range limits will trigger email notification.