Case Study​

How Brikum manages
to stay a leader in the
DIY industry in Spain

About Brikum

Brikum is a Spanish store that specializes in DIY tools and is considered one of the most important retailers of this sector in Catalonia, Spain. Brikum offers all types of products and for all kinds of customers. In their online store you will be able to not only buy decorating tools but also construction machinery.

Brikum’s vast selection of products

Brikum is recognized for its great selection of products with the best prices and exceptional quality. They don’t only offer tools for DIY products, but also for gardening and home makeovers. One of the best things that this store has on its side is its delivery and shipping policies that can really make them stand out. They offer free shipping on all their products plus a delivering time of maximum 72 hours.   

They don't only offer tools for DIY products, but also for gardening
and home makeovers.

Brikum works with some of the
best brands in its sector, such as: 

Brikum stands out when it comes to the sector of DIY and overall home improvement both outdoors and indoors. These are the most remarkable categories within Brikum: 

Electric Tools


Manual tools

Home hardware

Construction tools


Chainsaws and saws

Vacuum cleaners


The Challenge

Brikum faces one of the most common but not least important challenges that most ecommerce businesses and overall stores face, setting the right prices for products in their assortment. Pricing can be very difficult since usually one wants to be competitive and offer the best prices but without sacrificing margin or profit. 

To apply the correct prices it is important to have correct market data. Without this sort of information the pricing department will not be able to make a more accurate decision when it comes to developing a pricing strategy that best meets the goals of any e-commerce business operating in such a competitive category like the one of DIY.

As a DIY and home improvement store, Brikum has been looking to improve sales and always be in the top of mind of its customers. Because of this they have been investing in advertising which when done properly can help and improve sales.  

Taking all this into account, we can conclude that collecting all the correct information that the department will need to take the best course of action is a very tedious and long work that can even be considered time sacrifice.For this reason Brikum decided to implement Netrivals as a solution to their problemas so they can be more proactive in other areas of their company.  

The Solution

Netrivals plays a very important role when it comes to the information that Brikum needs regarding market perception. By implementing Netrivals, Brikum can access all the key information they may need to make better decisions when implementing a pricing strategy.

Netrivals is also a key element regarding online trends. With the information gathered by the platform, Brikum can easily analyze it and perceive the different trends that are occuring in the industry in both pricing of products as well as which are the items that their rivals are selling. 

Lastly, Netrivals has a Safe Mode environment, also called Price suggestions module that allows you to check new prices without directly uploading them to your live account. Test different settings and repricing rules to see what’s working before you go live. With this tool, Brikum can easily see how each product would do in the market and which price would be the best bet. 

The Result

With the use of Netrivals and its different modules and services, Brikum has seen overall improvement mostly in all the aspects that make use of data and online information. Now Brikum doesnt have to take time to look up the information and then make sense of it, they can simply use Netrivals and use their time in a more proactive task.

Brikum uses Netrivals to obtain valuable information such as stock availability and price behaviour across sales channels to improve conversations with brands.

Also with the use of the Test in Safe Mode Module that Netrivals has Brikum has been able to experiment with different pricing strategies to find what works best for their business. Thanks to this, their conversion rate is greater and they have a better margin. They have also detected an uplift in their revenue of more than 5%.

With Netrivals, this leader in the DIY industry in Spain has improved several aspects of their pricing process and market research which has made them make the most of their time and resources to generate more conversions for their business.

Joan Gisbert Cervera
Co Founder and Business Developer at Brikum

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