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How Fluidra achieves
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About Fluidra

Fluidra is a multinational group that has consolidated its position as one of the leaders in the swimming pool and wellness sector. Fluidra has positioned itself as a reference brand in the development of services and products in the residential and commercial swimming pool market with the mission of creating a perfect and personalized experience.

Fluidra at a global level

Fluidra operates in more than 45 countries and is made up of a team of more than 5,500 employees. In fact, the company has more than 140 sales offices and more than 34 production centers worldwide, which provide support to production and distribution centers. This platform makes it possible for Fluidra to offer such a wide variety of products by region, pool and client.

Fluidra's logistics hubs extend globally: Fluidra operates in more than 45 countries and is made up of a team of more than 5,500 employees.


Global sales





Fluidra has a portfolio of internationally
renowned brands in the sector

The Challenge

Fluidra faces a great challenge: to manage a wide range of products that are served to a large number of customers according to very specific needs.

As a professional manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool and wellness equipment, it is key for Fluidra to know the needs of its distributors, as well as to perceive the value of their brands and products in the market. This last aspect is what allows them to develop a solid vision of how their products are positioned in the market.

If we return to the figures mentioned at the beginning of the study, we can see that Fluidra has a wide range of clients with specialized e-commerce businesses. This fact, together with the continuous growth of online commerce, makes it increasingly difficult to access information about opinions and product ratings, as the interaction and final impact of the end user in the world of e-commerce is ever greater.

Taking all this into account, we can conclude that collecting this type of information is not only a challenge, but also a tedious work that implies a great load of time and resources that could be derived to other aspects of the day to day of the company as, for example, to activate in a more agile way this market information. For this reason, Fluidra decided to implement a solution such as Netrivals, in order to activate relevant market information in this new business model and sales channel.


The Solution

Netrivals plays a very important role in providing this market perception information to Fluidra.

By implementing Netrivals, Fluidra can easily and quickly access all the key information about the interaction of the final consumer and the perception that the latter has of its products.

Netrivals’ Big Data has great potential in this regard, as this platform gives access to a broad and complete analysis of opinion and rating information about the brand’s products at the end user level. This is very valuable information, since it is not limited to product ratings, but also gives access to the actual opinions that users provide about the products.

Similarly, the Netrivals solution gives the possibility of accessing a notification system that allows for an even more detailed view of when there are changes in stock availability in the online distribution channels.

One more point that plays a key role, at this point, is the possibility of activating all this information through the Netrivals BI module. Netrivals’ BI allows to unite all this valuable brand information in a single point of visualization, as well as to increase and optimize the quality and quantity of the data, and the metrics obtained from the brand’s Business Intelligence tool.


The Result

Compiling all this available information online, sorting it and making sense of it was a titanic and time-consuming task. Since the implementation of Netrivals, Fluidra can now easily appreciate the sets of parameters selected according to customers who distribute their products online. All of this without the need to spend long hours surfing the Internet trying to gather such information.

Without a doubt, this ability to access this type of data quickly is what has allowed Fluidra to make more agile decisions. In fact, all the time previously spent exclusively on compiling all this information can now be invested in developing strategies that optimize its online business model.

In terms of improvements by department, Fluidra perceives that its commercial department has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the implementation of Netrivals. The tool provides very valuable information that can be activated at a strategic level about what your customers are offering to the end user. Information of great relevance, such as stock availability, allows Fluidra to generate a much more personalized offer to its clients.

Fluidra was very focused on the traditional sales channel, the physical store. With Netrivals, this leader in the swimming pool and wellness sector has notably improved its vision of the online sales channel, and has managed to achieve a 360º view of its distribution channels.

Daniel Segura

EMEA Channel Management

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