Case Study​

How MeQuedoUno
uses price tracking
to improve its
pricing decisions

About MeQuedoUno

MeQuedoUno is an online store born in Barcelona in 2009. At the beginning, it focused on flash sales, selling only a product per store at very low prices. Over the years, and because of the limitations for growth that this model poses, MeQuedoUno went to a mixed model through which they offer a wide permanent catalog (offers that last for over a month) while carrying on with flash offers (offers with discounts even greater, but which last for a shorter period of time, about 24 and 72 hours).

How MeQuedoUno improves
its strategy every day

The main objective of MeQuedoUno is to offer customers the most competitive online price in order to help them save as much money as possible. MeQuedoUno has more than 10,000 products of over 4,000 brands split in seven categories: Tech, Household, Kids, Wine, Chic, Sports and Supermarket.

The company’s market is mainly in Spain, although it has a subsidiary in Mexico
that operates independently. Currently, MeQuedoUno ships to Spain, Portugal
and Germany.


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The Challenge

When a couple of years ago we had just a few products on the web it was very easy for us to control the market prices and correctly evaluate the offers that came from suppliers. Right now, operating in three countries and +10,000 products, it is impossible to do this sort of work manually. We needed the help of technology! The new products we introduced on the web always came with the best price online, but when they were already active, the prices of competition varied and our price was no longer the best one.

The Solution

Netrivals was the solution which offered us the best option in terms of quality-price. Their possibility of monitoring the prices of so many competitors was what we needed since it was not feasible to do so ourselves internally. In addition, the opportunity to export feeds for Google Shopping allows us to optimize the budget for Marketing given that we choose only the products in which we are truly competitive to advertise on that platform. Consequently, we have been able to improve ROIs.

The Result

We have been focusing on adjusting prices according to market state in order to maximize our profits and making it possible for our customers to buy at competitive prices. Through the tool, we have also been able to insert large quantities of products in our store without having to analyze them one by one. This has saved us time which we can now spend in other tasks which also require our attention.


Javier Trias
Online Marketing Manager