Case Study​

How Isi-Sanitaire
uses Netrivals to
improve its sales
and profitability

About Isi-Sanitaire

Isi-Sanitaire is an online retailer of bathroom and kitchen equipment such as shower systems, kitchen taps, bath tubs, etc. Currently, the company counts with a catalog of over 100,000 products in France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. This retailer is constantly looking to offer its customers a good value for price.

Thoughts after the
implementation of Netrivals

We are extremely happy with Netrivals. We’ve gained an advantage of competitors who are not actively managing prices by being able to outprice them. We’ve made intensive use of the tool and made several upgrades: we’ve upgraded the number of possible rivals plus also extending the number of countries we included.

We’ve immediately made use of the multi-user feature to add one dedicated person per country to perform data validation on the smart connections.

This is a perfect example of how closely Netrivals listens to its customers and how fast they operate.


Product Catalog


Profit Growth




Monthly Sales Growth





The Challenge

We started looking for a price intelligence software since we noticed our products (as for most e-retailers) are extremely price-sensitive. We therefore needed an accurate, automatic, and timely method to collect market prices. The tool has helped a lot in providing an underlying logic for our pricing structure. Our pricing has therefore been optimized from cost structure based to market-based pricing, thereby improving sales and profitability.

The Solution

Now we know what price to set to be #1. This tool has helped boost CVR due to knowing what price to set to be lowest and what prices to set to maximize profit. The customer support has been exceptionably valuable. From the very first moment NetRivals’ customer success team has been very reactive and has always been extremely helpful. Most remarkable is the speed with which the Customer Success Team delivers a solution to your request.

The Result

Sales have been growing 10% month over month. There are additional factors that have a positive impact on sales growth but we’re sure a better pricing position has helped a great deal. What’s more striking is that for the same amount of sales, we have a considerably higher profit (around 20%). So even without sales growth NetRivals has had a very positive impact due to having more efficient pricing.


Soufiane A. Achoui 
Marketing Manager