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How Turnbull Uses Price Intelligence to Achieve Their KPIs


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Turnbull has been supplying the trade and general public since 1895 and it is the largest independent builders’ merchant in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire counties in the UK, with eight branches stocking a wide range of quality building materials, garden landscaping and home improvement products.

How Turnbull improves its strategy every day

The company’s catalog includes everything from kitchens and bathrooms to joinery, plumbing and heating products. They have a large range of paving and driveway materials, as well as garden sheds, garden furniture and decorative garden buildings.

Turnbull operates in the UK through both online and offline channels and its current catalog consists of 2,000 products – even though this number will keep increasing – and 6 brands to which 20 more upcoming ones must be added.

The company sells UK brands that deliver great value for money, and guarantee high standards of industry quality assurance and sustainability. They have been supplying paving ranges from leading landscaping manufacturers Marshalls and Stonemarket for over 20 years.

They have in-depth knowledge of the brands they work with and a close relationship with their expert teams. This is how Turnbull acquires the necessary know-how to help their customers and ensure they get the right products for their project.

Turnbull can get the best possible deals from suppliers and bring new products to their customers at great prices.

Turnbull belongs to the Builders Merchants Federation which supports businesses which are reputable and efficient in their dealings with customers and suppliers. They are also a merchant member of the National Merchants Buying Society. This means Turnbull can get the best possible deals from suppliers and bring new products to their customers at great prices.

in the UK

As we can see, the company is committed to price competitiveness without diminishing the quality of their product catalog. Nevertheless, given the state of the market, keeping up with competitors’ price moves and maintaining this competitiveness commitment can sometimes become a hard task. That’s why Turnbull decided to trust netRivals to automate some of their most time-consuming tasks relating pricing management and achieve their monthly targets.

The problem

We had to fix all our prices manually while our catalog kept growing, and this, of course, was quite a challenge for us. Besides, our competitors had started to increase the frequency in which they changed their prices and that made the situation even more complicated for us. Carrying out our daily price management in this way was a burden for our team in terms of time and we started wondering whether there was an automated way of performing this sort of task.

The solution

We decided to start using a price intelligence software for many reasons. We needed to obtain an automated visualization of our data and achieve a more effective and efficient performance by comparing our position to our competitors’. In this respect, netRivals’ price intelligence system provides us with very valuable data and insights on our competitors’ price moves that allow us to make pricing decisions to help achieve our KPIs and targets.

The results

Since the integration with the tool we have easily achieved our quarterly KPIs. We wanted an accurate and reliable pricing solution that could help us be more price competitive and gain more profit per product and netRivals has met all these requirements. And I also want to emphasize how satisfied we are with the qualified, friendly and quick-responding customer success team. They furnished the information on any of our requests 24-h/7-day. A good product and a good team!

Deepika Bajaj  |  Building and Plumbing Supplies