Case Study​

How Woodbrass
Enhances Its Daily
Price Management

About Woodbrass

Woodbrass has been operating for 18 years and it is known for being among the top sellers of musical equipment. The company works under the motto “Music for everyone!”, making music accessible with a good price-performance-ratio to customers at all levels, including the price-sensitive ones. 

This fact reflects the company’s philosophy of setting competitive prices for their extensive catalog, both online and offline.

The company works very hard every day to improve their customers’ perception through an accurate assessment of their performance in the market. That is why, they invest in tools that will help them in their daily pricing management and make the most of their resources to boost their sales and revenue.

Woodbrass was set up in 1999 and since then it has become the french number one seller of musical equipment and it occupies the 21st position among the top 100 french web retailers. the company consists of 115 employees, musicians, working to offer their customers an optimal shopping experience.


Available products

Over 115

Brands Employees


Visits per month




Top Brands

More than 7


The Challenge

In the music sector there are huge competitors with very competitive pricing strategies. In our case, we have always cared a lot about our pricing policy and how that impacts our sales. We want our customers to buy products of quality at a right price. Understanding the importance of this has led us to look for tools that will help us analyze our position in the market and provide us with the basis and detailed information to take action.

The Solution

We had already used other solutions in the past, but they weren’t as user-friendly as netRivals. The truth is that this platform has implied an improvement in our pricing management. Both the way we check price moves and the way we change and update prices have been enhanced and they are now better adapted to the market state. That is all thanks to the fact  that we have now the proper basis to make the right pricing decisions.

The Result

Netrivals is a very comprehensive tool that has helped us evaluate our position in the market, as well as detecting price moves in our competitors. We now use this software to make better-informed decisions which help us enhance our strategy without risking our profit margins.