Case Study

Tannico’s Success Story with Netrivals

Tannico is the largest Italian wine shop. Just to have a rough idea of the extent of its operations, the company has so far shipped over 1 million bottles of wine throughout the world.

This Italian company is revolutionizing the wine-making industry, from both a purchasing and a selling point of view. This company has become such a strong player in this sector thanks to its unified and advanced technological approach, along with their out-of-the-box vision. This company’s key to success is its way of changing a market as traditional as the wine one, in terms of product offer and market logic. 

From its foundation…

The company has been committed to innovation in B2B, along with their e-commerce platform. Between 2016 and 2017, Tannico launched two groundbreaking platforms: Tannico Intelligence, their marketing analysis platform, and WinePlatform, a platform conceived to support wine manufacturers in their process of selling wines, from a technological and logistic level. Aside from these two platforms, Tannico has activated Ho.Re.Ca services, which combine a high-quality catalog of products with a delivery service tailored to the needs of restaurants, pubs, and hotels, allowing them to reduce their stock costs.


team members


Products on sale


wineries in their
product assortment


bottles in stock
in the warehouse in Arese (MI)


bottles shipped
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5,5M €

Collected in funding

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Tannico sells and ships products to 19 countries:

The story of Tannico and Netrivals

The challenge

Tannico, as a strong player in the wine-making industry at a purchasing and selling level, faces quite a challenge that is very unique to this specific industry. What is this peculiarity?

Unlike other industries, wine products do not have EAN codes, a fact that makes seller monitoring in this sector quite a complex task.

In addition, many retailers are faced with the following challenge: selling via Vivino, one of the biggest marketplaces in this industry or adjusting their stores’ prices to become more competitive. 

That is why, one of the main challenges of Tannico in this respect consists in finding ways of matching products of their competitors with their store’s product assortment via product attributes other than EAN codes. The fierce competition in this industry demands a strong need for monitoring the prices of competition in a fast and agile way. And that is exactly where Netrivals comes into action.

The solution

Netrivals has made it possible for to get an accurate and daily picture of what is going on with their competition’s prices in the market. But how has it been possible to overcome the difficulty that we introduced earlier on? How has it been done in order to track products that lack EAN codes?

In this specific case, connections between products have been made via the Automatch system of Netrivals, also known as the Smart Connections system. So, now the question is …

How does the Smart Connections system work exactly?

Netrivals can find product data in the online marketplace thanks to its web scanning system and its image and attribute recognition technology. 

Netrivals scans the products in the distribution channels: it searches for titles, images and references in the multiple ecommerce pages, marketplaces and comparison engines to evaluate other potential connections (different from EAN codes based ones) at the level of title, image and references. In this way, Netrivals’ system does not only offer a large number of automatically connected products, but also suggests hundreds of potential connections between products. This feature optimizes the time you spend looking for similarities between your catalog and the rest of the vendors. Besides, the image and attribute recognition technology makes it easy for retailers to invest their time in what really matters: analyzing and making the decisions that have the greatest impact on their businesses’ daily performance.

Willing to know more? Check this video on how we perform connections for professionals in the wine industry


One of the positive aspects to be remarked as the result of the implementation of Netrivals is the great amount of time that Tannico has saved. In the past, this retailer used to spend long hours collecting and reviewing the prices and product assortment of their competitors manually. More specifically, this retailer has been able to save more than 20 hours per month thanks to the automation of price, and product attribute monitoring. 

Now this strong online player in the wine industry has found ways to easily spot where they may be lacking competitive advantage in different areas that directly impact their business performance:

Price competitiveness, which has a direct impact on the conversions of this e-commerce business in a sector with great competition, like the case of the wine industry. 

Wide product assortment analysis, which allows this retailer has the most comprehensive view on their competitors’ product assortment. 

Taking into account the last points, we can conclude that the purchase department at tannico has been one of the most benefited ones from the implementation of the tool, since now they can identify your competitors’ newest and most popular products. This fact enables them to develop strategies to react more effectively to changes in their competitors’ product assortment which translate into the following benefits:

Antonio Prati  |  Specialist at the Procurement Department